Monday, August 22, 2011

TONIGHT - Last NYC show for a while

Here's a very tiny e-flyer for our show tonight at LuLu's in Brooklyn. This will be our last NYC show for six whole months or more depending on how things go for us on the west coast. I could tell you now that we'll be back sometime in the spring but the only thing we are worse at then making plans is sticking to them. So let's just say for now that we won't be back for quite a while and if seeing Big Eyes play is something you enjoy doing, then I recommend you make it out tonight, New Yorkers.

My own relationship with the city is your typical love/hate scenario. Having grown up and lived in the suburbs on northern NJ most of my life, NYC is just a part of my ancestral homeland, more like a footnote or anecdote rather then a large part of the whole. I identify with New Yorkers but would never consider myself one. However this band did originate here and for at least half of our existence Big Eyes was a Brooklyn based punk RNR band. When we all drive away this Wednesday morning to start our summer tour, it will mark the beginning of a separation period between New York City and us. There's a lot I won't miss and a whole hell of a lot that I will, but that's New York in a nutshell for you. Thanks for being there.

Monday, Aug 22
@ LuLus (113 Franklin St) in Brooklyn, NY
w/ Marvin Berry and the New Sound, Big Eyes, Shaved Christ, Teardrops

- C.J.

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