Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today I finally got around to making a mail-order page!  Right now it's got shirts, records, and buttons on it.  You can check that out on the tab above.  OR here's a link: http://bigeyesband.blogspot.com/p/mail-order.html 

In the new RAZORCAKE MAGAZINE (#70) there is a Big Eyes interview.  I will be getting a box of those in the mail soon.  Definitely check that out!

DIRT CULT RECORDS will be putting out our LP, HARD LIFE, on tape soon.  I will post when those are available.

Lots of plans these days, recording, touring!  We won't be playing any shows until late October, but they are going to be some killer shows, so it's worth the wait. 

OCTOBER 19th @ The Observatory (Tacoma, WA) - w/ Tough Shits, Pop Zeus, Si Si Si, Shogun Barbie - www.facebook.com/events/409097662487668/

OCTOBER 23rd @ Iron Road Studios (Vancouver, BC, Canada) w/ Audacity, Nu Sensae, The Courtneys - www.facebook.com/events/482297305121508/

OCTOBER 24th @ The Comet (Seattle, WA) w/ Audacity, Night Beats

That's all for now!

- Kate Eldridge

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