Monday, December 31, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR (well, in a few hours).  We made it through another 6 week tour AND through the Apocalypse.  That's why 2013, along with being the year of the snake and of my 25th birthday, will be the YEAR OF BIG EYES!  To start off the year, we were lucky enough to put out splits with two of the best bands around THE AUDACITY and MEAN JEANS.

You can pre-order our split with THE AUDACITY from VOLAR RECORDS right here.  Those are available on limited red + gold, and on regular old black vinyl.  You can stream our song off the split "Half the Time" here

The split with MEAN JEANS is out on DIRTNAP RECORDS.  It is not listed in the webstore yet, but Chris just picked up our copies of those last night, which we will have at our upcoming shows.  Check for updates on mail-ordering those.

We are planning on having 2 record release shows for the MEAN JEANS split, one in Portland and one in Seattle.  No specific dates on those yet but most likely sometime in January or February.

Our next Seattle show will be on January 26th at MARS BAR with THE TRASHIES, WIMPS and LOUD EYES.  Here is the facebook event for that show.

That's all for now
-- Kate Eldridge

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