Thursday, February 28, 2013


MARCH 30th is my 25th birthday and we have decided to throw an awesome party!  We are bringing up MEAN JEANS from Portland, OR (Dirtnap Records) for this shebang.  It's also our TOUR KICKOFF for our tour with CRIMINAL CODE (Deranged Records) this April (tour dates will be listed by this weekend).  BIG CRUX (Iron Lung Records) is shipping their drummer Daryl down from Canada on the Megabus.  Clark the Shark's band PELVIS WRESTLIES will be in town on tour from Reno, NV.  We will have RAFFLES and special guest DJ's and some other party antics all set up.  The whole thing will be going down at THE COMET TAVERN in Seattle, WA.  Doors are at 8, bands are PROMPTLY on at 9pm (this is a 5 band show!!) and for all of this awesome stuff it's only running ya 10 bucks (includes 1 free raffle ticket)!  Everybody who is 21 years old and older is invited!

I only turn 25 once in my lifetime, so please be there and please don't be square.

Here's the facebook event for it:

Smell ya later
- Kate "Smelldridge" Eldridge

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