Thursday, May 23, 2013

"ALMOST FAMOUS" Tour Dates, pt. 1 !

We leave for tour in less than a week!  Very excited to bring our new LP all over the country (and Canada) and to get out of Seattle, where it's STILL COLD AND RAINY (wtf?! it's MAY!).  Here are the few first dates of our tour!

Wednesday, May 29th - Portland, OR @ The Know (2026 NE Alberta St.) w/ Divers, Your Rival - 8pm - 
Portland always RULES so we decided to just make our tour kickoff there!  And we are stoked to play with Divers again!  Shows at The Know have to be over by 11pm so make sure ya get there on time.


Thursday, May 30th - Boise, ID @ The Crux (1022 Main St.) w/ Merkins, Grey Cover - 8pm, $5 -
We've never been to Boise before.  Looking forward to this show, and the drive!  I bet it's gonna be beautiful, just like this poster :-D

Friday, May 31st - Salt Lake City, UT @ Blue Star Cafe (2795 S 2300 E) - 7pm -
We haven't been back to Salt Lake City in a while, we only play there once in a BLUE STAR, LOL.  See ya there!


 Saturday, June 1st - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis (3553 Brighton Blvd) w/ Chase Ambler, Between Youth, Disaster Canyon - 9pm -
Stoked to hit Denver again!  Last time we were there we stayed for 2 days and had a blast.  Also looking forward to meeting a long lost guitar camp buddy (yes, I went to guitar camp)!

Sunday, June 2nd - Omaha, NE @ Middle House w/ Nanker Phlege - 9pm, $5 -
Another place we've never played.  Also one of the last few states I've never been to!  Only Hawaii and South Dakota are left.  I'll cross those off soon enough!  

See ya soon, America (and Canada)!  So long, Stinktown!

- Kate

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